A Little Bit About Me
My name is kimberlily. I am 31 years old and engaged to a great guy (our wedding will be September 13, 2018). I have recently finished the first draft of a romance novel that was inspired by a small part of the only episode of Deadliest Catch that I have ever seen. I’m working on a few other, smaller projects to kill some time rather than leaping directly into revisions.

My favorite part of writing is that I can work in a corner of my living room with the TV on. I like writing rough drafts – just throwing all that word-vomit on to the page. I’m not so good at revising what I have done. In fact, I will go out of my way to avoid starting revisions. I tell myself things like I don’t have the time and I’ll work on it later or that the new rough draft that I have started is going well and I don’t want to interrupt the flow of that project to dive into revisions on something else. That’s how I ended up with 7 rough drafts in various stages of completion in less than one year. Attention Deficit Disorder may have played a role as well. I also love to take pictures and cooking which I will also share my cooking results and recipes.

I am currently trying to form a critique/support group for writers. Ideally, I would like to form two groups – one that meets online and one in my local area. What I hope to do with this blog is encourage and support other writers by sharing some of the tips and techniques that help me. I am also hoping to receive some encouragement and support for my own projects.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all. I hope you will stop by often and visit me. If you would like me to share a link to your blog or website, please leave me the information as a comment.